Once upon a time...

Posted by Claire Sadler on

...there was new mama in her (late) 30's who realised that the daily 9-5 (aka 7-whenever the school production, parents evening, staff meeting, marking, lesson planning etc etc etc ad infinitum!) just wasn't making her happy, and that her little boy would only be little once.  Did she really want to miss these precious moments she asked herself?  So, she decided to take on more work around her full time job and open a children's bookshop, fulfilling the dreams of a little girl who spent her days with her head in a book and her Saturday mornings in the town library and hoped one day to open a bookshop.

I hope this story will end with a happy ever after in which the little girl achieves her dream, and the mama gets to wave her little boy off at the school gates, and watch his first nativity, and shout his name from the crowd on sports day.

For now, it's about Search Engine Optimisation, Marketing Plans, Web Design, picture book brochures and pop-up bookshops, and already I am enjoying every minute of it! #dreambig

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